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     Ryan Willingham was born in Dallas, Texas in 1982 and has lived in nearby Arlington his entire life.  He graduated from Arlington High School in the spring of 2001 and received his BA in Communication Technology from the University of Texas at Arlington in December 2005.

      As an eighth grader, Ryan took an art class at Barnett Junior High School.  There, his art teacher recognized his talent as an artist and taught him techniques to improve his ability.  It was about that time that he began drawing his favorite athletes and celebrities.  Just two years later he completed his first commissioned piece.  Since then, he has been doing commission artwork for people on a regular basis.  Ryan's business has consistently grown since he started it in 2002.

     In the fall of 2001, Ryan decided to venture from drawing athletes and started drawing musicians as well.  Because of his love for Texas music, Ryan chose singer/songwriter Pat Green as his first musical subject.  As a result, Pat Green selected Ryan's prints to sell on his website.  Other Texas musicians, such as Django Walker and Bleu Edmondson also have sold Ryan's artwork at their shows.  Ryan plans to continue drawing various other musicians regularly. 

     In his spare time, Ryan loves to play guitar, and he currently plays lead guitar with a few different bands in the DFW Metroplex.  He also enjoys seeing live music at local venues and going to Texas Ranger baseball games in the summer.

     Since the eighth grade, Ryan's artwork has improved and still continues to do so.  He has gone from drawing pictures to hang on his own wall to drawing pieces for other people to fill their walls with.  He is excited at the possibility of making a career out of his artwork and becoming known for his photo realistic style.




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