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"Back in August, I was trying to come up with a unique idea for my upcoming wedding anniversary.  Being the typical male, I was about two weeks away from the date with no good ideas and running out of time. Then I happened to be listening to Justin Frazell's Sunday night radio show on 99.5 The Wolf and heard Justin interviewing Ryan, talking about Ryan's artistic abilities. I decided to have Ryan do a drawing of our son for my wife's anniversary present.  Ryan was great and worked quickly to get the drawing done in time.  My wife was VERY pleased.  Thank you, Ryan.  I highly recommend you to anyone." 

  -Randall N.

"Your work is just incredible!  Our family is so excited to have an original drawing from such a talented artist.  Thanks so much for agreeing to hand deliver the drawing.  In regards to my husband, well...I can't thank you enough for making your first 'house call' to repair his faux pas.  Working with you to get this drawing accomplished has been a pleasure.  You are a very talented artist and we look forward to following your work.  Thanks again.

-Loree Jackson

"The drawings that Ryan did for me were much more than I anticipated.  I gave them as a gift to my sister-in-law, she will treasure them forever.  I am very impressed with Ryan's professionalism and how he is very personable with his customers.  He really cares what they want.  That is what pleased me the most."

-Diane Hogan

"Living in the Panhandle of Texas, finding pictures of Texas country musicians is nearly impossible.  I discovered Ryan through the Pat Green website.  He is not only a very talented artist, as his website demonstrates, but also has great integrity as a businessman. He mailed my prints quickly, then followed up with e-mails to insure my satisfaction-- very unusual these days!!  Ryan, I see great things in your future!!"

-Donna Lenz

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on my kids' portrait.  Your talent amazes me especially when I consider how very little I actually gave you to work with as far as the pictures.    You made the dream come true of having all of our kids in a picture together which at one time seemed impossible.  You are the best.  You are incredibly talented.  Keep up the great work. "

-Kimberley Lewis




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