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Clay Gould

Clay Gould was an inspiration to those who knew him, and many who didn't. On April 27th, 2003, UTA's new baseball stadium was dedicated to him. Clay Gould Ballpark was inspired by the dream of the man who's name the stadium now bears.  Gould, who died of cancer at the age of 29 in 2001, was head coach for the Maverick baseball team from 2000-2001 and was a player from 1990-1993.

     I did this drawing, titled "Safe at Home" as a way to pay tribute to Clay Gould.  Even though I never got the opportunity to meet him, he still touched my life.  During the dedication of the Ballpark, I got to meet the Gould family, including Clay's daughter Logan, who was ten months old when he passed away.  That was a touching moment to say the least.
First Pitch Watching the Game


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